Playboy Model And Wellness Guru Sunshine Shen Talks Spirituality & Life

Sunshine Shen‘s reputation as Playboy‘s Glamour Model Of the Year had heads turning with her sultry covers. But little do they know, Ms. Shen has now expanded her repertoire to being a self-realization guru and a dedicated follower of new-age thinking.

According to, Sunshine was quoted saying  “Right now, I am pursuing my dream of guiding others through their own spiritual self-realization journeys”. “I truly feel that because I have lived in two different countries and five cities in the USA alone, I came across individuals from all walks of life during my journey, and I can easily relate to anyone.”

Self-actualization is a journey that Sunshine finds herself on and with her new book coming up plus numerous projects to keep her busy, Sunshine Shen isn’t going anywhere. She’s ready to take on the coming years of change with ambition and classy determination to see her through success.

Sunshine Shen Shot at Wuul Studio by Filbert Kung | Styled by Steven Lassalle | Jacket: James 1113 | Shoes: Christian Louboutin

From Playboy model to spiritual guru, how did you begin this transition and what was the turning point that made you want to shift from the glitz and glamour of being one of the beau idéals of the industry?

I started on my journey of spirituality in 2018, shortly after experiencing what was the most abrupt and painful ending of my relationship with my ex who played a major role in my life at the time and it propelled me to look at life from a completely different perspective.

I began to wonder why as humans we often place so much hope and trust in others only to be left alone and disappointed. Shortly after going through this period of so-called “enlightenment” I soon realized that it is quite common for women to veer towards spirituality after their first emotionally devastating breakup, whereas men tend to accidentally stumble upon this road in the face of bankruptcy or a major failure in their careers.

“Looking back, I can genuinely say with confidence that the injustices and cruel gossips ensued from my breakup were entirely undeserving. However, without this important turning point, I would still be floating through life without a clear goal or sense of purpose; the typical life of a 24-year-old Playmate living in Beverly Hills can easily become the path of least resistance which soon turns into a one-way street leading into a dead end.”

Although the ability to be able to obtain enough consciousness to accurately evaluate me and pass the glittering illusions that all the perks that come with the title “Playmate” brought me to LA was a huge victory, soon I realized this was only the beginning of a life story road to self-discovery. But thanks to all the ups and downs in the last 4 years, I can honestly say that I have found much more appreciation for myself and my life path now more than ever.

What are the pros and cons of being a model in the global fashion and entertainment industry, that nobody talks about?

There are endless Pros, for a woman who is always being admired and her beauty constantly celebrated because of her glossy Centerfolds inside Playboy, then, of course, the endless luxury gift bags at exclusive soirees and prestigious award shows that most people fantasize about attending, hanging out with famous athletes and celebrities, and the resources seem to come so much easier when you’re on the right side of the fence.

“However, what no one wants to admit is the fact that the “in-crowd” is constantly trying to defy the natural ageing process, whether it’s mentally or physically, we are consistently in an up-hill battle with ourselves; sometimes forgetting that the laws of gravity still apply to those that believe they soar high above the rest.”

This sense of denial drives us to spend more than we sometimes bring in and neglect the small things in life that can bring our souls’ true joy. Before you know it, the city of angels becomes instead the playground of “what was” or “could have been”.

Sunshine Shen Shot by Filbert Kung | Styled by Steven Lassalle | Dress: Julian Chang | Shoes: Dior

If we were to ask, what is the one thing that people instantly assume about you and your social media profile? How do you deal with social media naysayers and their toxicity?

People often make the assumption that my life is easy or it is a lot more glamourous than what it is. When in fact the reality remains that most of us tend to only show the world the sides of our lives that are considered more optimistic or however it is that we would like to be seen by others.

You can never really depict the personality of an individual either based on their Instagram. For example, I have noticed that with new people I meet in real life that had a look at my profile first tend to think that I would be more “stand-offish” in person but then often surprised when they meet me and realizes that I am an extremely empathic individual and have the tendency to place others before myself.

How did you get into this realm of new-age realization? And what are your thoughts on the resurgence of the Zodiac?

I became more enveloped by the new-age idealism shortly after my enlightenment and I started making some lifestyle changes accordingly, such as adapting the vegan and anti-inflammatory diet and picking up sound healing.

“I became aware that it is not enough to simply recite the philosophies of the realization but to figure out our own ways of living it as well.”

I think the new wave of interest in all pieces of knowledge concerning the Zodiac is greatly beneficial for people coming out of 2020 as it could help to remind us that there is a greater force out there bringing balance after the chaos.

Sunshine Shen Shot by Filbert Kung | Glam by Peggy Mackey | Styled by Steven Lassalle | Top: House Of Style PR

Could you describe to us what sound healing is? How could this be a massive impact on one person’s spiritual and mental health?

During a traditional sound healing, we use instruments that are perfectly toned to 432 HZ to help the participants to leave out their own bodies’ vibrations back to their most healthy frequency; which actually not only can repair irregular cells in the human body but help remove energetic blockages from their daily lives.

Most sicknesses (whether physical or mental) are caused by either irregular cells or hormonal imbalances by using the 432 HZ frequencies to encourage the body to heal itself much faster by reintroducing balance back into our bodies.

“Being on the spiritual journey has really motivated me to seek out and live my true life’s purpose. During this transformation I have met other healers and spiritual teachers from all walks of life and listened to their stories; they made me realize that there are inexhaustible ways for human beings to live our lives based on our own experiences and understandings.”

The more I came to know what life is like for each and everyone I’ve come across the more the mysteries of life unfolds, and it seems as if I keep stumbling across the solutions to all the questions I’ve ever asked myself.

You have a new book that you’re working on! Could you tell us what the idea behind this was?

The auto-fictional series I am working on is centered around the highly seductive and mysterious secret-life of a privileged young woman living amongst the rich and famous in West LA, who driven solely by her ambition to do whatever it takes to manifest the spotlight and glittering lifestyle she could only dream about as a child.

All the while, struggling to deal with her Mother’s psychological illnesses and tittering on the edges of her public and private personas –in a constant and futile battle to keep her worlds from blending into one another.

What other projects do you have lined up as 2021 is slowly opening up to the world more?

I am planning to do more local TV/news appearances this year!

Lastly, what’s the best advice you would give to be fit, happy, and beautiful inside and out?

Your inner peace is priceless so make sure once you have figured out what exactly gives you that peace that no one and nothing in the world can take it from you.

“It is not always important to always “do the right thing” but to always do the right thing for ourselves. So, figure out the right things for yourself and stay true to who you are, and all your concerns in regard to personal fitness, happiness, and beauty will soon resolve themselves as no one can tell us what suits us best than ourselves.”

Use discernment when you come across any potential ads and false marketing schemes and remember to rely upon your gut feeling not the fear of “lack” that often push all of us into rash decision making.

Shoot Credits:  Talent: Sunshine Shen @captainssunny | Photographer: Filbert Kung @filbert_kung
Stylist: Steven Lassalle @stylebylassalle |Glam: Peggy Mackey @peggymackeybeauty| Production: Matt Dillon / MDPR @mattdillon1983 | Location: Wuul Studios, Miami, FL @wuul_studios