The Modern Woman with the Showstopping Parisian Touch

Paris, the home of la Liberte and couture, has always been the perfect place for female empowerment to thrive. Amongst the biggest female powerhouses of La Femme Couture were the likes of Chanel, Schiaparelli, and Jeanne Touissant, paving the way for each woman until now to always be fashionable, innovative, and always on the go. While wearing set pieces from Nympha & carrying her signature printed Brush by MG bag that shows off the charm, beauty, and adventurous spirit.

The modern-day and global woman is a muse that resonates with generations of women backing them up, shaping her for who she is now: proud, unstoppable, and classically fierce.

Once she gets up, she radiates the energy of a modern city girl ready to take on the world as she puts on what she feels like; from picking out a white dress from Nympha, strappy sandals made by Ruiz and a dash of lipstick– that is elegant yet simple as she wakes up to a new day.

Structured lines, bold colours, shapes, and prints define the wardrobe of today’s energetic and vibrant muse as she walks the streets of Paris with determination, neo-classic flair, and completely owning her femininity.

With summer on the horizon, bright colours such as fuchsia and neon greens are making a comeback partnered with the combination of nostalgic 90s baby-doll edge and 60s supreme tailoring — The modern muse is wearing pieces from brands that speak of her confidence: a quirky turban from Ylla, to the artisanal top and shorts created by Camelia Muresan, the neon green Brush bag from MG and powder blue Ruiz Heels — proving that by just starting her day while getting a cafe latte at the local patisserie, she is already making an impact.

She makes a stop at the boulangerie in Montmartre wearing Rayas dress, a zebra printed silky design from Nympha. As the scent of freshly baked bread and pastries wafting around the air as she lingers around, finally settling on a handful of baguettes wrapped in artisanal parchment paper. Our muse steps outside and graces the people on the street with a bright smile.

When the midday dew sets in, we see her strolling along the Boulevard de Clichy, with the summer wind blowing through her dress, a blooming red creation from Nympha, as she stands for a minute in front of the famed Moulin Rouge basking in the sunlight.

After her momentary stop, the muse ends up at Pont Alexandre III capturing the quintessential French way of Joie de Vivre as she absorbs the energy of the bustling City of Lights, walking through the bridge, she sees the magnificence of its design, from the bronze sculptures and classical Grecian statues that were crafted with incredible detail.

The global woman appreciates the past, this is seen in the classic cut of her white trousers from Nympha, while whimsically pairing it with a printed turban that showed off her creativity set against a mixed pattern camisole designed by Camelia Muresan while carrying the enigmatic Brush by MG while making her way through the town.

Stopping close by the Eiffel Tower, the muse stops to enjoy the sights of Paris in the afternoon amongst the stately chateaus, thinking on where to go and who to meet as she waits for the inevitable moment of her making a decision on what she feels. Her summery outfit from Ylla comprises neon colours and a statement handbag from MG that speaks of her fun and charming personality.


Come evening, she explores the vie nocturne of Paris wearing an outfit as bold as her glittering personality, from the bright green printed denim skirt and jacket combo by Camelia Muresan to the neon green crop top by Ylla underneath, she finally pairs that alongside with an audacious Brush handbag to match.


Finally, she ends her evening on a fun-filled night along the Seine with her friends, walking around in her strappy Ruiz heels enjoying a night out in Paris, which ended with laughter, great times, and a pink flamingo.