Andrew Gn’s Spring- Summer CoralsAliveAGN 2022 is dedicated to Corals, Elizabeth Taylor, and Hollywood

Andrew Gn‘s essence leads to a clean, sophisticated and uncompromisingly joyful and unique aesthetic presented in #ParisFashionWeek were reinforced in the New Andrew Gn x The Great Barrier Reef’s Foundation CoralsAliveAGN Ss22 Collection.

Video Courtesy of Youtube – Andrew Gn

Andrew’s long-lasting love for corals and the Great Barrier Reef inspired the beautiful patterns that aimed to reflect, the beauty and fragility of our environment in collaboration with The Great Reef Barrier Foundation. with the coral patterns setting the tone, for this season’s haute couture extravaganza drawing inspiration from the movie Boom!, starring Hollywood’s enigmatic couple Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton enriched the collection with a glamorous feeling.

According to the designer, ” BOOM!” is a film I have watched countless times, not so much for its storyline, rather for its aesthetics and the spectacular outfits of Liz Taylor, which served as my initial inspiration. The movie was shot in Sardinia, in an almost all-white house surrounded by the sea, with an incredible décor mixing Italian baroque and mid-century modern.”

Elizabeth Taylor | Boom | Getty Images


The coral pattern resembles paintings, creating a beautiful visual effect, of nature’s tapestry the oversized proportions in Kaftan inspired dresses, and puffed sleeves paired with dramatic structured shoulders,cinched-waists and silver embellished belts. The series offers a plethora of options, we can easily transition from day to evening pieces created for the contemporary woman that juggles all spheres of her life.

The monotone neutral colour palette suddenly breaks when vibrant greens, bright yellows and vivid azure join the party. With Andrew Gn, each piece is innovative and artful while also exuding confidence and boldness.

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Article by Patrycia Afzal – Fashion Editor, British Thoughts UK