Teri Hatcher & Van Therapy: ‘HATCHING CHANGE’

Teri Hatcher – otherwise known as Lois Lane of Lois &Clark and Susan Mayer of Desperate Housewives – ditches Wisteria Lane and travels the world in her vintage 1978 VW Camper. The 53-year-old actress and activist is filming her YouTube series ‘Hatching Change’ and has been meeting friends, including Cornish celebrity chef Paul Ainsworth while playing a starring role at the festival in St Germans.


Image Source by Teri Hatcher

Hatcher and her trusty 1978 camper cruise around the depths of Los Angeles for her YouTube series ‘Hatching Change’, which follows her pursuit to unite and inspire people. ‘Van Therapy’ follows the actress having conversations with everyday people out and about in Los Angeles, talking about love, friendship, religion and more. According to Entertainment Weekly, she explained, “they can be really little subjects or really big subjects, but I feel so lucky that I’m able to connect with these people whom I might otherwise never have come into contact with.” Hatcher continued to reflect on her heart-warming conversations, stating that while she may not share a lot of similarities with the people she was talking to, they would always find something to bond over: Hatcher said, “and the answer might be nothing, but I think more often than not there’s something that connects us. We’re much more alike than we think we are.”

The Hollywood actress also visited The Cornwall Camper Company, where she hired a vintage blue VW camper called Jessie before arriving in Cornwall’s picturesque Port Eliot. Shortly after arriving, Hatcher shared an image of Port Eliot’s beautiful landscape on her Instagram, captioned: ‘Cornwall, I’m back! And you can see how happy this part of the world makes me.’ While at Port Eliot, Hatcher conducted a talk on the ‘green prescription’ where she discusses the skills she obtained from the Survival Wisdom team. Hatcher reflects on how survival psychology has helped her to sharpen her thinking skills, control her feelings and focus only on the issues that we have the capacity to do something about.

Image Source- Teri Hatcher IG

Alongside this, Hatcher is also filming a series called ‘Don’t Eat ‘It’ Out Of a Box’ where she provides tutorials on alternatives to boxed meals and snacks. Having studied at the world-famous Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Hatcher is an avid cook and health advocate hoping to inspire people to do the same. In 2019, Hatcher made headlines when she shared a body-envy bikini photo on social media. She explained that she was following a challenge with F45 that lasted eight weeks which involved working out and eating anti-inflammatory foods. Hatcher says, “exercise has become a source of well-being, not a means to look good naked” while also stating she has finally “figured out how to be comfortable in [her] own skin.”


However, with Teri Hatcher’s YouTube series ‘Van Therapy’ sparking false rumours that Hatcher is ‘homeless’ and ‘broke’, Hatcher is quick to respond that “it’s categorically false. I am not broke. I have done very well investing my money. I’m not homeless. And I’m not living out of my van.” Hatcher states that this is the perfect time to talk about International Women’s Day as well as Time’s Up and #Metoo movement, sharing a photo on Instagram with the caption: ‘Getting the last laugh on #InternationalWomensDay. We all deserve a society where women of all ages are respected, and that can start with not accepting lies on the cover of a magazine.’ But Hatcher explains why the negative attention she received shouldn’t happen when she’s “delving into projects that [she hopes] will help others and possibly leave the world a tiny bit better”. Hatcher says, “when I read the comments from people whom I’ve helped, I feel a great sense of peace and accomplishment.”


Article by – Holly Lewis, Features Writer – British Thoughts UK