Casablanca Paris Debuts with a Stunning FW21 Collection That’s All About That Monte-Carlo Life

Casablanca Paris is entering Fall-Winter 2021 with an aspiring collection of tailored looks that are reminiscent of the late-night glamour of Monte-Carlo’s famous nightlife and casinos. Suits were always the uniform worn by up and coming tycoons, and F1 race drivers that end up spending time in the French Riviera, especially when it is time for the season.

Casablanca’s designs reflect its glitzy backdrop with the iconography of playing cards in the shape of a diamond on the cropped harlequin set, and its diamond-shaped buttons– these elements come together and bring Monaco to life.

Image by- Casablanca Paris

 “Tailoring for us is extremely important. Part of our creative process has always been to take classic elements of fashion and apply our modern take on them. For us, the challenge and pleasure of making a suit are bringing it into the modern world through the lens of Casablanca.”

“Shooting this campaign in a building designed by architect Carlo Scarpa was a dream come true, the way he took an impossible, almost untouchable city and left a modern imprint is comparative to the way we design.” – Charaf Tajer, Founder

Image by Casablanca Paris

The Casablanca aesthetic has always been about fusion– lux and leisure all rolled into one by creating a flowing silhouette that is the epitome of comfort and elegance by utilizing Neapolitan tailoring techniques that is distinctly unique to the apres-sport luxe aesthetic that has always been a classic go-to.