Susie Abromeit : Her Inspiring Journey, and How She Turned Her Biggest Setback Into Opportunity

Susie Abromeit has proven over the years that she’s far more than just a pretty face…Despite a successful career in the spotlight with hit roles in Marvel’s Jessica Jones and The Forever Purge, the road travelled to get there wasn’t always easy.  Many actors face setbacks that can deter them from their path—it’s getting back up that matters most.  Susie has done that time and time again, and she’s finally reaping the rewards.

We spoke to Susie about her journey, what inspires her, giving back to others, her new film Much Ado About Christmas, and what’s to come next

Photos: Storm Santos| Styling: Anna Schilling| Glam: Kimberly Bragalone

You made the leap into the entertainment industry after spending most of your younger life playing tennis. What made you switch focus to becoming an actress, or was that always the goal?

I didn’t realize it but I always wanted to be an actress and as an artist since I was a kid. Telling stories were everything to me. Movies, plays, great books, it was all I ever wanted to do but was told that it’s not a real job nor would it ever be a real thing. Until I was 18, I took acting classes, found my calling, and just knew. That’s when I realized it could be my career.

We hear you landed a dream role on Jessica Jones after putting the project on your vision board 6 months prior. Has anything else come to fruition from your vision boards, or is there anything, in particular, you’d like to see happen in the next year or so?

Working with Will Smith and some other incredibly talented people.  And having some incredible people in my life. Making a certain amount of money. Moving into a place in 2018 that was walking distance to the beach where you can hear the waves. Now I’m moving into a place with a mountain and a lake view. Working with my best friends on projects we are passionate about. Honestly, if you can build it in your mind, it will happen!

Photos: Storm Santos |Styling: Anna Schilling |Glam: Kimberly Bragalone

 What was the most memorable role you’ve undertaken in your career? What did you take away from the experience?

I take away something from everything. Every role can give you lessons and insight into life. Also it can either mirror things in your life, or mirror what you do/don’t want in your life. Art has a way of being a mirror to life’s experiences.

You star in the upcoming holiday feature Much Ado About Christmas, which is a holiday take on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. What was your preparation for the role like? Did you study the original Shakespeare piece?

I think I just get into the mindset of the character and figure out the ways in which we are different and how we are alike and try to bridge those gaps. I try to see myself in every character I play. And if I’m super far from the character I try to imagine a circumstance in which I would be that person in some way to make it as real as possible for me. I studied a bit of Shakespeare when I went to college at Duke.

With the stellar career you’ve had thus far, what guidance would you give to aspiring actors? 

Belief and faith are super important in this business. But also I would get clear on your “why” and if this is really your calling in life. To be an artist is not easy, nor for the faint of heart. It’s a lot of ups and downs, and it can be a volatile business in so many different ways. I’ve gotten to points where I sincerely thought I would never work again, was broke, and had to accept that I was looking for other work, and then started working a lot.  Trying to find balance in this industry isn’t easy. We are a form of truth-tellers, and we hold a mirror up to what our world is and sometimes that is a tricky business. Just make sure you feel called to be an actor and ask yourself what inspires you to do that. If you find you have a compelling thoughtful answer, then you will figure out how to do it. 🙂

What about Not For Sale inspired you to work with them, and what can you tell us about the organization?

I had a friend who was involved in helping survivors of human trafficking and I was so inspired. So I looked into Not For Sale and got a chance to work with them in Peru and Vietnam. It really opened my eyes and was so grateful for that experience. They were building schools, providing work to those who needed jobs to keep them off the streets, providing food, homes, clothes etc.  I believe human trafficking is one of the worst things in life. It’s soul-stealing. I felt compelled to help in any way I could.

Photos: Storm Santos| Styling: Anna Schilling| Glam: Kimberly Bragalone

You lost everything you owned in the Malibu fires a few years ago. Having overcome such a tremendous loss, what advice would you give to help someone overcome the loss in their own lives?

At the time, this was a hard concept for me to grasp, but I realized I had two ways of looking at things. Either I use this time to stay stuck, cry my eyes out every day and stay in the fetal position on the floor, (which I did from time to time) OR I could use this as an opportunity. To be honest, at first I was extremely traumatized and thought I would never be able to see past the trauma and thought how am I going to do this? I’m at the lowest point of “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.”  I’m homeless and lost everything I had built, up until this point, except a carry-on suitcase…

As an experiment, I thought to myself, what if I tried to use the fire as an opportunity? That I can learn so many lessons from it, and use this destructive force creatively in my stories and storytelling, and bring my relationships closer. And because I looked at how the fire could benefit me, it changed my life. I found the blessings in something I never knew it could give me. The fire was one of the greatest things and greatest lessons to ever happen to me.

Since the fires, you have a newfound appreciation for self-care. What does your ideal self-care day look like from start to finish?

I love La Mer cream. I’ve been using it every day for over 13 years. Baths are necessary. Lots of sleep. Some sunshine, but not too much in the sun. Working out when I can. Eating a somewhat paleo diet. Cutting out processed food, sugar, and limiting alcohol. And taking lots of Vitamins-like vitamin D and C.

2021 will be over in the blink of an eye. What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned this year?

To just keep going and trusting God. The more I listen to God, the better my life is.

What can we expect from Susie Abromeit for the final months of 2021 and next year?

I’m excited about the future. I’m going to keep trusting God and keep going.

Article and Interview: Marque PR, Edited by -Cyan Leigh Dacasin