Stepping Inside the World of Dina Goldentayer- Miami’s Top Performer in Real Estate

Dina Goldentayer has been one of the top realtors in Miami for the past 15 years – equipped with a degree from the University of Maryland. Goldentayer quickly integrated herself into the world of real estate.
Today, she is recognized as Douglas Elliman’s #1 individual agent by sales volume nationally. Most notably, Goldentatyer holds the record for the highest price per foot sold in South Florida – $6,492/SF, and the highest residential sale ever in Miami-Dade County – $54,931,375.

Dina has been internationally recognized by esteemed publications such as Forbes and The Wallstreet Journal, as a go-getter by completing over  $1.5 billion in real estate sales while also serving as the Executive Director of Sales at Douglas Ellman.

At British Thoughts, we recently had the opportunity to sit down with the real estate mogul for an up-close and personal interview on where and how it all began.

Image: Damelys Mendoza |MUA: Nathalie Lahoud |Hairstylist: Patrick Dorsainville |Location: Douglas Elliman Miami

– What is the feeling you get when operating with and representing such valuable properties?

I feel responsible. My clients trust me with their most valuable assets, and I am accountable for taking care of them from start to finish. The deeper responsibility kicks in with the small details. From the basics of lighting candles and fluffing pillows to the in-depth observations made by buyers during showings. No detail can be overlooked in the preparation of multimillion-dollar homes. Representing ultra-luxury homes is a privilege.

– You studied Politics at the University of Maryland. Was this useful in terms of your current position?

Yes, my major in government set the precedence that negotiations start with no. It moulded the groundwork for my persuasive writing and communications skills. My ability to interact daily with clients, boost my marketing reach, and build strong rhetoric expertise is based on this foundation.

– How do you prepare yourself before meeting a client? What does your research look like?

I enjoy getting to know my clients firsthand. I specifically avoid Googling in order to keep the initial conversations authentic. I believe preliminary research, while I’m sure helpful, hurts the spontaneity of the introductory chat.

Image: Damelys Mendoza |MUA: Nathalie Lahoud |Hairstylist: Patrick Dorsainville |Location: Douglas Elliman Miami

– How do you go about earning the client’s trust? Is there a specific method and/or procedure?

The majority of my business is referral based. Thus, the trust is already built-in. I strive to honour the relationship and provide exceptional service and access to elite off-market properties. When working with sellers, I earn their trust in pricing their homes based on a successful track record of achieving full-price sales.

– Have you ever had any failure(s) that has taught you valuable lessons within the real estate industry?

I have failures weekly as no two deals or personalities are ever alike. Lately, I have really been focusing on my reaction to conflict as opposed to just managing it. The Miami market is so intense right now because the buyers are working with multiple agents, the sellers expect record-high offers, and the brokers are at each other’s throats. I am thinking about taking up meditation 

– What has been the largest transaction you have ever been involved with? Tell us about it.

I broke the record in Miami for the highest-priced sale in the history of the county. The $55 Million deal was for a magnificent peninsula in Bal Harbour, one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in town.

Image: Damelys Mendoza |MUA: Nathalie Lahoud |Hairstylist: Patrick Dorsainville |Location: Douglas Elliman Miami

– You specialize in the South Florida real estate market space. What are some of your favourite neighborhoods to work in?

I specialize in the Miami Beach neighborhoods of Venetian Islands, Sunset Islands, North Bay Road, and the oceanfront condos along Collins Ave. On mainland Miami, I am active in Bay Point and Coral Gables. Lately, I have been very active in Indian Creek Village, which is home to Tom Brady, Gisele, and Ivanka.

-What advice do you have for women in real estate looking to become as successful as you are?

Real estate is a heavily female dominant industry. I would say to a young woman, don’t start your career thinking that you’re one down. Women tend to run the household and hence make it easy to relate to.


– What are your future plans?

I plan to get more involved in mentoring. I recently participated in a real estate panel that was attended by thousands. I had so many young women who approached me after to discuss their careers. It was uplifting. And I feel like I could do more.


Written by: Jan Tracz, Features Writer

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