Seal Team’s Toni Trucks Opens up about Pregnancy and working with Military Made

Toni Trucks is certainly a familiar face to grace the stage and screen, and currently stars as Lisa Davis in the hit CBS series SEAL TEAM, which just moved over to Paramount+.  You’ve seen in her in hit shows like “Franklin and Bash,” as well as NCIS, and “Made In Jersey.” She also appeared in the wildly popular Twilight Franchise, “Breaking Dawn: Part 2.”

Photographer- Jonny Marlow | Styling: Anna Schilling| Makeup: Saisha Beecham| Hair: Diane Dusting
In addition to her incredible work on-screen, Toni is dedicated to giving back.  She serves on California’s Death Penalty Focus Board and recently teamed up with Military Made to launch her holiday themed curated boxes that give back to veteran entrepreneurs. A portion of the profits goes directly to Hiring America Serves, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to educating veterans and their spouses on how to develop meaningful careers post service.  The boxes are available now for pre-order and are expected to ship in early December.   
An avid baker, a soon-to-be mom, and a strong woman dedicated to using her platform for good, we had the great pleasure of speaking with Toni about her go-to products she’s loving, what drives her, and the exciting new chapter of life to come…

Congrats on your pregnancy announcement! What’s been the biggest change you’ve seen in your day to day after finding out you’re expecting?

Well in addition to the excitement of a growing bump, I’ve been having some very fun moments on set trying to hide it while filming SEAL Team. I’m standing behind computers, plants, tall beer glasses. Recently I was meant to carry a large box into a scene and was delighted to find that the props department  had cut a perfect hole for my belly to fit into the back and be hidden. It’s been very fun.

Off screen, what are some of your go-to looks? What are your favorite fashion brands?

Photographer- Jonny Marlow | Styling: Anna Schilling| Makeup: Saisha Beecham| Hair: Diane Dusting

In a pinch, I am a T-shirt and jeans kinda gal. So my go-to is MADEWELL. Their jeans just fit my frame perfectly. Miraculously they ended up making my favorite maternity jeans as well. When I’m having a bit more fun, I gravitate towards lots of color paired beautifully with style. One of my new favs is Autumn Adeigbo. Autumn celebrates African patterns while mixing in Victorian details. She has such an amazing sense of “play” in her designs. It is obvious in every piece that she is having FUN and that “fun” feeling is contagious when you see her pieces.  

What does self-care and wellness mean to you, and how do you make time for yourself in your busy schedule?

Self-care for me breaks down to a balance of stillness and movement. I have always required a fair amount of solitude to recharge my heart and mind. Some solo time in a rocking chair can do wonders for me. That being said, the healing and energizing power that comes from movement is undeniable. For many years that meant dancing. I spent my early career in the musical theatre and in hindsight that daily movement found in dance, was firmly connected to my joyful mindset. Of late, Pilates and Peloton have been my movement of choice but I won’t say no to an impromptu dance party. Making time is always the tricky part. I definitely need to roll right out of bed and get to it first thing!! No lollygagging… just GO!

Shifting gears to your career, how did you get your start in the entertainment industry? Did you always have the acting bug?

I really did! I was bit early by the acting bug. From a very young age I was exhausting every performance opportunity in my small town. I thankfully had parents that supported my interests. I got my start in New York City after college. I did many plays before ultimately booked a television series that moved me to Los Angeles. That move really laid the foundation for my TV and Film career.  I do miss theatre but I am sure it will come my way again.

What has been your most impactful role to date, and what have you carried from that role onto the rest of your career?

Photographer- Jonny Marlow | Styling: Anna Schilling| Makeup: Saisha Beecham| Hair: Diane Dusting

 I think my most impactful role would be my current role on SEAL Team as Lt. Lisa Davis. I have now been living in her shoes for 5 seasons. Getting to embody someone for that long such a treat!  DAVIS has an insatiable desire for growth. She is cautious but fearless in her pursuits. That mindset has both painful and powerful payoffs. It’s a wonderful reminder for my real life. 

You’ve partnered with Military Made to launch your very own curated box. What can you tell us about the partnership and the company? Can you tease what may be included in your box?
YES! I wanted to curate a box with Military Made for the Holidays to celebrate the diverse and creative community found in Veteran and Military Spouse owned businesses. Whenever I engage with the Military community, I am delighted by what I find. So often we are presented with a cookie cutter view of who service members are. Introducing people to their incredibly creative small businesses felt like a great way to give back and expand the way we think of service members. My Holiday Box is Family themed. So it is filled with items that are intended to bring loved ones together!  Be it through, food or games or books, my goal is to encourage time spent. It definitely has something for everyone, even your furry friends.

Obviously 2022 will bring you a TON of changes. What are you looking forward to the most, both personal and in your career?
I love a fresh start, so I always welcome the New Year Celebrations! The top of this year will usher in the new experience of motherhood for me. My partner Brandon Phillips and I try hard to imagine how our lives are about to shift as parents, but it is really unfathomable for us at this point. We are of course bursting with excitement and anticipation. As far as work goes I am hopeful for another action packed season of SEAL Team. Our move to Paramount Plus has been so liberating to our storytelling and we are eager to continue.

I also am very excited for the release of the BLACK HOLLYWOOD BOOK PROJECT.  It is the brainchild of photographer Carel Augustus who for years has been photographing notable Black Actors in Hollywood as they embody iconic movie moments and film legends. I had the honor of portraying Marlene Dietrich. I’m eager for the masses to final see this piece.

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Article by: Marque PR