Gear up for the Meta-Future! NFT Talks PODCAST Goes Live on The NFT Space

Article by Mariana Henriques Martins – Features Writer,  British Thoughts

NFT Talks is an educational brand established to raise awareness about NFTs and gather a community of leaders and innovators within the space. Their upcoming IRL (in real life) event, “A Digital Future with NFT Talks”, takes place on 11th December, at the Millennium Point, Birmingham, UK. It’s directed to all those who wish to explore further the world of NFTs and dynamize its future.

NFTs stands for non-fungible tokens, which include a vast array of non-replaceable digital items – from tweets, GIFs, JPEGs to little moments on video of NBA basketball games – that are being purchased for extraordinarily high prices. These transactions are publicly recorded onto a blockchain, a decentralized and secure database that keeps all the purchases stored. In other words, NFT allows you to digitally buy, sell, and own unique digital items! Illustrated apes are being bought by celebs like Jimmy Fallon, Steph Curry, and Lil Baby for thousands of dollars. Likewise, a Sorare collectable unique card of Cristian Ronaldo was sold for $290,000!

The NFTs’ world is maturing quickly, which raised the need for discussion on its future and disrupting influence on the Art, Sports & Entertainment, Music, Gaming, and Fashion industries. NFT Talks Podcast has already gathered leaders and top influencers around the world to strengthen and connect the NFT community.

In the upcoming event, you can expect more than a stimulating space for those interested in getting onboard with NFTs. It will also promote debates on the impact this cutting-edge technology can have in the world, and the threat it represents to certain industries. It will include a live “NFT Talks” podcast with an anonymous digital artist from the UK, an introduction to Blockchain & NFTs, a panel of industry leaders in the NFT space, and Q&A sessions. You will be “ending the evening with a chance to network with like-minded individuals and talk about the NFT space”.

For more information on tickets and the event’s programme, check the event page on Eventbrite!


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