LUCID ALGORITHMS: Rami Kadi Unveils His Spring-Summer 2022 Couture Collection

Rami Kadi defines a new era of designers. His vision, craftsmanship and contemporary take on couture makes his fashion unique. Kadi is constantly pushing the boundaries of contradictory forces, humankind and machinery – he is innovative and bold.

Rami Kadi | ‘Lucid Algorithms’ Credit: Rami Kadi Couture Spring 2022

Having a fashion conscious approach, Kadi is part of a new generation of designers who’s core values are at the heart of their creations. He chooses to create with an eco-responsible approach and sustainable methods, using dead stock and recycled materials that are most considerate of humanity and the environment. Creating his collection using algorithmic digitised couture that is made to fit, Kadi significantly reduces the amount of fabric needed to make his clothes.

Rami Kadi | ‘Lucid Algorithms’ Credit: Rami Kadi Couture Spring 2022

Kadi generously fuses together two different worlds: Couture and Tech. Using mathematical models and 3D print, Kadi creates unique and personalised textured holographic rainbow fabrics, creating different seasons, universes and realities. His strong creative energy explores new horizons and writes the future of fashion, taking his creations to the worlds most private red carpets. Kadi’s signature style fits the sensual, daring and strong woman he creates it for. Dressing his clients in glamorous armour, Kadi has dressed world renowned A-list celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Sara Sampaio, former Miss World Aishwarya Ray Bachan and Katy Perry.

For SS 22, Kadi exhibits a breathtaking collection, rife with form fittings, silhouette styles and combinations of textures featuring grandiose cinched-waist dresses, high slits and shimmering crystal embroidered capes. In some, the transparency offers glimpses of the skin beneath a vibrant display of colour. The wedding gown is a master-piece. With embroidered asymmetrical appliqué shapes, Kadi imitates the royalty of feathers, adorned with delicate Swarovski crystals that transcend us into a magical world.

Rami Kadi | ‘Lucid Algorithms’ Credit: Rami Kadi Couture Spring 2022

Kadi’s collection has a fashion-forward edge, that is refreshing and contemporary, a glamorous elaborated and meticulous vision that echoes the future.


Article written by: Patrycia Afzal – Fashion Editor | British Thoughts UK


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