The NFTiST Has Launched The Ultimate NFT Platform


The Best Investment You Will Ever Mint

The NFTiST, a platform entirely dedicated to non-fungible tokens, aims to solve many of the problems apparent in the NFT space right now. Until now, the avenues for research on the topic of NFTs have been search engines, like Google, or Influencer marketed posts on various social media.

By providing content curated by experts in the NFT field, users of the NFTiST platform will be able to access unbiased articles that will span from introductory material to laser-focused reviews of individual collections.

Access to the platform will be granted by owning one of the 10000 NFTs created by the NFTiST team, whose ecosystem has migrated from the Polygon Network to the easier to navigate Ethereum protocol.

The perks of owning an NFT are many: firstly, you will have access to an ever-increasing number of curated up-to-date articles, providing you with alpha knowledge on the subject.

You will also be able to know what project it will be safe for you to invest in after experts have vetted them personally one by one on the NFTiST Launchpad. A City of the NFTs Metaverse space personally created by the NFTiST developers will be at the disposal of NFT owners for networking and partying.

Live events will allow you to network with Celebs, Influencers and NFT Creators: the first NFTiST event will take place in London in April 2022.

An ERC20 token will allow people to buy NFTiST merchandise: the revenue from these activities will then be split among NFT owners, in a virtuous circle that will increase the NFTs’ value.

The NFTiST: curated, filtered and over-delivered utility at your fingertips.

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