Singer-songwriter, humanitarian, and philanthropist Isabelle Fries truly inspires every girl who dreams of becoming a singer and a musician someday. From doing charity work around the globe to creating music, Isabelle Fries is becoming a force of nature at a delicate age.

More than twenty-one plays and musicals have featured Isabelle on stage or in the spotlight. Bill Pullman, Broadway legend William Youmans, Stealth Ulvang of the Lumineers, and Eric Church, were among the performers Isabelle has shared the stage with.

She has recorded and released 12 music singles with Grammy-winning producer Rob Chiarelli. Isabelle sings the title track for the Hallmark film “A Royal Winter.”  And she has also had the honor of being nominated for 3 Hollywood Music In Media Awards.

Who knows what she has up her sleeves? Find out as she sits with British Thoughts for a Q&A below!

British Thoughts: Let’s start from the beginning. Where did your interest in music and singing develop?

Isabelle Fries: I have loved music since before I can even remember. Growing up, my house was always filled with classic rock from my dad and Prince from my mom. I spent hours with my boombox listening to Kelly Clarkson and Green Day.

All of this is where my love for music really came from. My parents always supported my childhood dreams and aspirations, and they are the real reason I was able to develop a love for music.

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BT: Who is your biggest musical influence? How did they help you become the musician you are today?

Isabelle Fries: I have a lot of influences and people that shaped who I am as an artist, but my all-time favorite is Elton John. He is my idol in so many ways, and I am just a bit obsessed with him. What makes him so iconic is just his raw talent and ability to make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster of emotions along with him in every single song.

His clothes, his on-stage presence, his charisma just make him impossible not to idolize. On top of his musical career, he is an amazing activist and has done an incredible job at combining his music with his passion for activism.

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British Thoughts: I was listening to some of your songs on Spotify and noticed how light and inspiring they are. Where did these emotions come from? How do you create your songs?

Isabelle Fries: I create my songs with an incredible LA writer, Seth Bear. He is the talent behind the music and behind the scenes. He has this crazy ability to somehow know exactly how to put my life experiences or my current emotions into lyrics that make it all come to life.

Even if I don’t write all of my music, I never put a song out that I don’t connect to on a personal level. Authenticity is the most important thing to me, and Seth does an amazing job at making that come through.

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British Thoughts: How is it working with Grammy-winning, multi-platinum producer/mixer Rob Chiarelli?

Isabelle Fries: It’s amazing! Rob is a genius in so many ways, and he really gets me, which makes all the difference. His ability to create and produce music is remarkable but what makes him so special is that he is authentic and real, and he listens to his artists.

Rob’s sincerity and talent are hard to find, and I am so lucky that I have the honor of working with him so closely.

British Thoughts: I know that you have been performing since the age of 9, but what are your other dreams and aspirations when it comes to your music career?

Isabelle Fries: For me, my music career was never for fame or fortune. I have always been happy with just singing in a bar or with my family, I never needed much more than that. But things escalated which was amazing, but my goals haven’t changed.

I want to use my music platform for activism and causes bigger than myself. My dream would be to create something that incorporates community activism and education with music.  In fact, I have been in communication with this incredible music charity to create a collaboration like that.  Last time I was in LA I met with Abby Berman who is the founder of Adopt the Arts.  Their work is incredible.  They create music funding for schools that are receiving budget cuts. We are thinking of all different types of partnerships like concerts, fairs and even creating a whole new “We are the world” type of song.  We think that the topic of “Mental Illness” should be addressed in a universal song of solidarity.

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British Thoughts: Aside from music, what other projects are you focused on?

Isabelle Fries: I am currently a Special Education Teacher in Denver. I have always been incredibly passionate about education, and now that I get to be a part of it on such a crucial and impactful level has made it even more clear that this is the path I was meant to be on.

Whether it be in the classroom or with a nonprofit, or on a policy level, I want to be involved in education and its continued growth.

British Thoughts: What was the experience like working and volunteering in Haiti and Uganda? How did that experience mold you into the person you are today?

Isabelle Fries: Getting the opportunity to travel and work in so many different countries completely shaped who I am today and all that I do and aspire to do. My family was always very supportive of my goal of working internationally and experiencing life through immersion into other countries, so I started working and volunteering abroad when I was 14.

These experiences shaped my view of myself, the world, different cultures, and my place in it all. It drove me to study international relations in college. It showed me my passion is activism and nonprofits, which is why I am a teacher.

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British Thoughts: Lastly, I know you have touched so many lives in so many different ways. What do you want to tell your fans and the people who see you as an inspiration?

Isabelle Fries: I would say thank you for seeing my vision and believing in it! I hope they take away whatever they need from my music and that it inspires them in its own unique way.

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Written by Ley Calisang