Rhoyle Ivy King on CW’s All American: Homecoming and Playing its First Non-Binary BIPOC Character

Rhoyle Ivy King (he/him/they) is the actor behind the role of Nathaniel (she/her), CW’s first non-binary BIPOC character, on All American: Homecoming. By breathing authenticity and love into this role, Nathaniel expanded far beyond what the showrunner and Rhoyle originally imagined. Beyond the camera, Rhoyle is a fitness and fashion guru who is determined to lead with love despite the hardships and obstacles he faces.
We had the privilege of sitting down with Rhoyle Ivy King to chat about his pivotal character, staying mentally and physically in shape, and how he expresses his creative side.



Thanks so much for chatting with us! You play Nathaniel on CW’s All American: Homecoming. How did you prepare to take on the role?


Thank you so much for having me! The first thing I did was a lot of research, asking a lot of questions. Which led me to understand how much I have in common with her. Then I went back to her character description and re-read the pilot script to shape her from the text. From there I started to study people she had things in common with, which led me to a lot of introspective thinking & and re-watching Pose. Michaela Jae really inspired me a lot. 


What do you hope viewers will take away/learn from watching Nathaniel grow in the series?

To watch her begin to carve a path in a world that’s mostly made for two genders. It’s something I don’t think we get to see very often, and how she simultaneously has the capacity to love her friends. I hope people who aren’t in proximity to a Non-Binary person there able to see how much love she has to offer.


What are some of the similarities and differences between you and Nathaniel?

•When I learned she was a Pre-Law Major I really had to do a lot of studying to see how that plays into her personality. I mean even from high school debates you see how much knowledge she would absorb, and how it plays into the way she deals with confrontation. 

We share many similarities in our friendships. The one who will tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it. Only because we love you enough to always tell you. 

How do you express your creative side when you aren’t filming?

 I love photo shoots, music, dance, and taking classes. I love collaborating with artists and coming together to create something beautiful. 

You manage to keep up a 6 day a week workout regimen. How do you balance healthy living with your busy schedule? 

DISCIPLINE. I’m the one you’ll see on the treadmill at 1:30 am if I have a 4:00 am call time. For me, discipline is one form of love I show to myself. To begin the day taking care of myself, setting my health as the first task before I do any job. It’s what prioritizing myself means to me. 

What does luxury mean to you?

I would focus on the part of the definition that says “the state of great comfort” for me, that’s getting to work on projects that I’m passionate about, balanced by spending time with people I love!

What are some of your favourite brands of clothing?

I lean towards designer brands. I love Balenciaga, and how they use their fashion to make tributes and statements about important things. Also, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, and Ivy Park are a few that come to mind. But I could make a very long list, I don’t know of any fashion brand I would say I don’t like. I do gravitate towards brands that have Gender Neutral clothing. 

Going back to your career, what would you say would be your dream role? Are there any actors/directors, in particular, you’d love to work with?

It’s hard to say a dream role, but I always loved characters like Olivia Pope in Scandal. On the other hand, I would love to play a Superhero! 

So many I would love to work with. Immediately I think of Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Jordan Peele & Shonda Rhimes. 

How can readers keep up with all things Rhoyle Ivy King? 

@rhoyleivyking on all platforms. I keep my updates there. Thank you for having me!