The Grand Success of Starz’s Lovell Adams-Gray

Canadian actor Lovell Adams-Gray has a lot to celebrate these days. Including an engagement, turning 30 years old, and completing a successful second season of Starz hit TV series Power Book II: Ghost. On the show, Lovell plays the role of Dru Tejadathe youngest son of Monet and Lorenzo Tejada. As one of the main characters, Dru’s role serves as one of the tritagonists in season 1 and tritagonists/anti-heroes in season 2.

Lovell conquers this role with boldness and passion. He masters every scene leaving the audience wanting to know more about him. ‘We end season 2 with Dru trying to hold his relationship and family together while becoming a strategic killer, with a conscience’ says the actor.

With the success of his career, Lovell remains humble, ready for what’s next, and exudes positive energy in all that he does.

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Tammy Reese got an exclusive interview with Lovell for British Thoughts Magazine.

Congratulations on the success of Power Book II: Ghost! How did your acting career begin and what have been some of your proudest highlights prior to taking on the role of Dru Tejada.

Lovell: When I was in Toronto I was working on this show called Coroner which is a great show. It starred Serinda Swan, Andy McQueen, and Roger Cross. It was a big starter for me. Before that, I was on stage, I did “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”. That was a blast and a big elevating moment for me. I also did season two of this other project called Slasher, which is on Netflix.

What intrigued you to play the role of Dru Tejada?

Lovell: I love that he is different, that he is artistically inclined, and that he’s really dedicated to his work. That was something that really drew me to him. I love what I do as an artist. So to be able to identify with that and to see Dru surrounded by so many other things that come through his life like his family, or the drug game, but wanting to do something else and pursue that wholeheartedly got me right to the heart of him.

You’re doing an amazing job and have been welcomed with open arms into the Power Universe family. 

What was your favourite episode from this season?

Photography Valentino Caviar @valentinocaviar

Lovell: Episode 8! I was telling everybody all the time before going into this season that in episode 8 you’re going to have to clutch your pearls. You may have to buy another set. That was the biggest moment for me and one of my favourite moments of this season for sure.

What has it been like having Mary J Blige as your TV Mom?

Lovell: She’s so fun, funny, generous, and kind. She loves to just be there to lend an ear. She’s so real and from what I understand she’s very selective about who she shares her energy with. That has taught me to be the same and be mindful of where I spend my energy, what I talk about and what I ingest. Those types of things can alert a day, a time and a season. She’s also very wise and always dropping gems. I can’t wait to be with her again because I’m always absorbing something new.

What does Dru hope for himself and the Tejada family going into the next season?

Lovell: Going into season three, Dru is definitely hoping for some kind of peace. Things changed for the family dynamic in episode 8 because a lot comes out. Ultimately he wants his family to be whole again. It’s going to take a lot of work.

When you’re not on a hit TV show, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Lovell: I love to play video games, read, or with my boy Jerry Joseph who is my wonderful fitness trainer who gets me right. I’m working with him now. During the winter when I’m supposed to be hibernating I will be like naw, I’m getting it in.

Other than that, I want to get into martial arts and take some Karate classes which I’m starting soon.

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That is so cool! What is a fun fact about yourself that many people are not aware of?

Lovell: When I was a kid I’ve always wanted to be a ninja. I didn’t know what came with that or what that meant. I just knew they were so cool and what they were able to do with their acrobatics, speed, and stealthiness. I was obsessed with being a ninja. I was one for Halloween and always wanted to do flips, jumps, and kicks. I just loved it! As I got older and started understanding the practicality of it all, it didn’t deter me. It made me be into it even more. I have loved that aspect of Japanese culture. The mythological and truthful stories that come out of it. Another fun fact is I’m a huge gamer I really game. I’m not out here on Twitch. I’m out here really trying to trophy hunt and complete games in their entirety. I love gaming because I love to keep my mind challenged with certain things.

What would you like to see more of in the entertainment industry from Black creatives?

Lovell: What an amazing question! I dream of the heavy hitters of Black Hollywood getting together to create a film or a show, and for it to be normalized. I hope I live to see this or to be a part of it. We’ve seen Nicole Kidman and Reece Witherspoon, you name it, all on the same show. I don’t know if they’re brushing their egos aside or are friends in real life, but also the Irishman, Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro, and Al Pacino, made a movie together.

I live for the day when I could see Denzel Washington, Will Smith, and Viola Davis in a movie together and God willing, be in it. I want to see that, and more of us getting together, uplifting, and supporting each other. That’s how we dismantle the paradigms of old. I think that’s how we can do it, everyone just jumps in a movie together.

Eddie Murphy was doing it back in the day with Harlem Nights, so we definitely can do it again. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a comedy, it can be a drama or so many other things. I want it to happen tomorrow.

Photography Valentino Caviar @valentinocaviar

What is the best advice you’ve received during your career that you could pay forward to aspiring actors?

Lovell: Keep God first! The thing that anchors me all the time is remembering that there is so much going on in the industry and in the world. As important and beautiful it is to be a part of a creative experience either being an actor, a rapper, or a music producer, we’re all in a creative endeavour. It’s all about the ensemble and getting together and collaborating for something great. That’s a part of the process and creative energy. Who is the biggest creator? When you lock it on him, he’s going to shower you with all of it.

We’re eternal spirits. We don’t need to so much be worried about vanity or locked into materialism. We’re going to get old, and things can be taken away. Enjoy the creative process and give him the glory. In doing that, your work is going to soar exponentially because it won’t be about you.

What’s next for Lovell Adams-Gray?

Lovell: Over the fall, I did a feature film with my fiance. It’s a beautiful story about a brother, family, and life growing up in Toronto. The film is based on David Chariandy’s book, Brother, and stars Lamar Johnson.

Brother is written and directed by Clement Virgo. I’m excited for people to see it because it’s such an incredible story. The right people are behind it and Clement is such an amazing director with a detailed vision and won’t let you slack. All the actors came to play and went deep. This can’t help but be a great movie. The Deadline article came out during the Summer. Everyone can stay tuned for the release date.

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