Dani and Dannah Lane the lead actresses on NBC’s hit show ‘Kenan’ capture the hearts of viewers worldwide!

Sisters on and off-screen Dani and Dannah Lane have quickly risen to fame! They’ve gone from viral inspirational YouTube videos to being guest stars on Steve Harvey’s show, to now playing the daughters of comedian Kenan Thompson on the hit show ‘Kenan’. Outside of their set life, they make sure to brighten the world with plenty of faith-based content on social media and beyond. These youngsters are intentional with making their mark!

What would you both say is your favourite aspect about being on set? 
Dani and Dannah – The people! Totally! We get to meet people who later become like family. From the crew to the cast everyone is so amazing and important, we all bring our very best energy so when we walk on set it’s an overwhelming feeling of joy!
What is it like acting with your sister?
Dani and Dannah – It’s a beautiful blessing from God to have your best friend with you at work. We help each other with our lines, we coach each other and there’s always someone there that you can trust to have your back!
How would you describe Kenan Thompson as a television father? 
Dani and Dannah: The best! He should be the poster child of TV dads! We’ve learned so much while working with him and we’re forever grateful to have him as our tv dad and friend! Shout out to Kenan we love you forever!!!
What was your reaction when you learned that Steve Harvey wanted you two to be guests on his show?  
Dani and Dannah – We were so shocked! We screamed for at least an hour. Lol! He’s so funny so to be on his show and partner with him during his advice segment was a dream come true!
Are there any similarities between you and your on-screen characters?
Dani and Dannah – We’re pretty similar. We were really lucky because our writers took a lot of our real personalities and talents to create our characters! That was a gift because it allowed us to really get into our roles more.
If there is one piece of advice that you could leave the world with, what would it be?
To just keep going, never give up on yourself! 
Dani and Dannah – Every day just show up for yourself in whatever capacity that is. It’s impossible to lose if you just keep going.
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