Imane Ayissi FW 2022 Brings African Culture To Life On The Parisian Runway

For Imane Ayissi, his latest collection reflected the importance and vibrance that African cultures emulated. For the native Cameroonian, this collection’s concept is about encompassing fashion and society’s perception of a person’s character by society.

Working with artist Boris Nzebo, the designer explored the role of hairstyles in traditional African societies, using it as the inspiration for techniques and textile treatments.

Details such as the graffiti style face featured a  giant logos on a white maxi skirt, paired with a silk blouse with the motif in repeat. Rope became curled braids embroidered and were used as a full-length cape that sashayed over a black sequined sheath.

Familiar Ayissi silhouettes such as figure-hugging dresses in tie-dye or a vivid animal print, majestic fringed pieces woven from raffia and a square-sleeved coat in graphic kente cloth — were a reminder of the designer’s own fashion preference.

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Article Written By: Patrycia Afzal

EIC: Derek Warburton | Managing Editor: Cyan Leigh Dacasin PR: Station Service France