Artist Spotlight on Happy Singh

Harpreet Singh (born December 20, 1990), known professionally as Happy Singh, is an American rapper, singer, music producer, and songwriter. He started his career as a songwriter for the actor Mathew Noszka (an upcoming artist under the CEO of Murder Ink Records, Irv Gotti). Soon, however, he decided to focus on growing as an artist himself and started producing and writing his own unique records. Happy Singh’s talent was soon recognized by his peers and he was able to open for artists like Tyga, Jeremiah, and Yo Gotti, among others.

Being born Harpreet Singh, how and when did your stage name ‘Happy Singh’ originate?

My nickname Happy was given to me at birth, being Punjabi every name almost comes with a nickname and mine just so happen to fit my personality.
At what point in your life did you become passionate about music? 
I believe I was always fascinated by music and how it made me and others act and feel. But it was the age of 13 when I first downloaded fl studio and started to learn to produce beats.
When did you decide to pursue music professionally?
I was 25 when I officially decided to do music full-time.
How did you meet Mathew Noska? 
I met Mathew when I was working with Murder Inc. Records closely with Irv Gotti and my partner at the time Ghost Kasen, who was one of the main producers for Ja Rule and Ashanti’s album.
What was he like during the initial introduction?
So we were officially introduced at a studio in West Hollywood that overlooked the city. After the main introduction, we then recorded his vocals, which I coached him through.
Being a jack of all trades, how do you balance the process of songwriting vs. music producing? 
Each one carries its own vibe and personality. Sometimes I just come up with ideas and start writing and sometimes I just want to make a beat which turns into a song idea. I don’t force it, the process usually chooses its way and I just become the instrument that brings it to life.
Being a songwriter, how do you go about determining the topics in which you will express yourself musically?
It definitely depends on the beat and how I am feeling at that moment. I personally love creating Up-beat/ hype music because I’m always feeling happy but sometimes if I’m in a different mood I quickly try to write out my feelings on paper so that I can translate them into a song later. However, there are times when the song is created and then the topic comes after; vice versa I can come up with the topic and then the song comes after. But I guess that’s the beauty in creating music, the process changes every time. Art flows in any direction, to be honest.
Having traveled the world, how do you feel music resonates throughout different cultures? 
When traveling I love learning about the history of music and the instruments that originated from that specific place. I get mind blown when I realize how the sounds have been used during times of war, celebrations and or a country’s national anthem. Every culture has its own musical story and it’s beautiful to be able to use an instrument or a sound which brings cultural recognition and honor without sometimes even knowing. I love blending sounds from all over the world because it shows the diversity in cultures while also showing that we all have so much in common.
Is there an artist you haven’t collaborated with before that you aspire to collaborate with?
I definitely aspire to someday collaborate with latin artists Anuel AA, Rauw Alejandro, Bad Bunny; Nav, AP Dhillon, Karan Aujila and Steel Banglez to name a few.
Many upcoming artists today depend solely on social media to push and promote their music. What is your advice to those trying to ‘break into the industry?
There will always be new ways to break into the industry, my ultimate advice is to focus on the craft and the quality will speak for itself louder than you can imagine.
What’s next for Happy Singh? Are there any upcoming projects that our audience should be on the lookout for?

Yes, I am in the process of dropping some major bangers with some of the biggest producers as well as major artist collaborations this year. I’m excited to show my new music and show the world how much I have evolved since my last album. My music will speak for itself.

Photographer credit Nils Erik   Creative Direction & Wardrobe Stylist| Ambika Sanjana  @styledbyambika | Grooming:  Christine Tirado @christinetirado_mua