Mortlach Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collaborates with Designer Chrissa Amuah to Create a Bespoke Light Fixture

LONDON — Mortlach Single Malt Scotch Whisky, a treasured spirit from Scotland’s Speyside region, partnered with artist/ designer  Chrissa Amuah to create a brilliant light fixture in continuation of the Mortlach by Design program. Channelling the complex, multi-step distillation process that makes Mortlach unique, Amuah’s multifaceted light fixture shares the journey of Mortlach from its origin to the final product.

This bespoke piece of artistry is another pillar in the Mortlach by Design program, which has engaged some of the world’s best designers including Luca Nichetto, Sabine Marcelis, Felicia Ferrone, and Joe Doucet to create curated works that culminated in the ultimate whisky experience.

The light fixture is aptly named 2.81 after the number of times that Mortlach whisky is distilled – a completely unique process that has been passed down for generations. In 1897, when Dr. Alexander Cowie formulated this distillation process, he did so knowing that it was a different way of making whisky. In following his instinct, he created something daring and new.

‘The Way’ is akin to having three distilleries at one still house; in parallel, the 2.81 light fixture is designed with many conceptual, physical and material layers, which when unified stand as a beautifully complex light fixture. 2.81 is formed by a variety of technologies, processes, textures and materials that when united create a constant and intricate lighting fixture, symbolic of each of the stages that create Mortlach whisky.

“Creating 2.81 was a unique challenge as I aimed for a light fixture that reflects the deep complexities and high caliber craftsmanship that defines the spirit,” explains designer Chrissa Amuah. “The story that 2.81 tells through its many transitions pays homage to the complex process that develops Mortlach”. 2.81 flows through a variety of lighting transitions with each color melting into the next, symbolic of the way the whisky transforms to its final product. Thought-provoking and immersive, the experience of 2.81 is enticing to viewers much like Mortlach whisky itself.”

“Chrissa’s deep understanding of Mortlach’s complex distillation process is evident through the specific details in her light, 2.81. From the barley etchings into the fixture itself, to the warm brown whisky color of the light at the end, her craftsmanship is impeccable,” shares Sophie Kelly, Senior VP of Whiskies for North America at Diageo.

Mortlach by Design celebrates the unique characteristics of Mortlach whisky and brings together some of the world’s best designers to create bespoke products for the ultimate whisky experience.

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