Enjoy the Lush Island of Phuket with Hotel Clover Patong Phuket

In the Land of Smiles, there is nothing but the thrill of excitement exuding through the air as you enter one of the most thrilling destinations of Southeast Asia.

Known for its lush islands and out-of-this-world scenery that became one of the settings of Alexander Garland’s The Beach. Phuket became known as one of the top tropical locations that everyone ventures to, and Pa Tong beach evolved into a setting that is known for its odd combination of tourism, and carnivalesque nightlife scene.

One of Singapore’s well-known hotel brands is located on its busy strip – Hotel Clover Patong Phuket’s sunny aesthetic meshed well with Phuket’s life of leisure. The hotel reflects that with its decorative motif consisting of streaks of blues, white, and fusion minimalism embodies the hotel’s message of “Simplicity in Luxury.”


Hotel Clover Patong Phuket is a 4-star lifestyle hotel that is effortlessly sophisticated and features coast-inspired interiors that range from the classic to the tropical to the nautical. Once you step into the lobby guests will be greeted by nautical accents and beach-inspired decor mimicking a serene setting that is as close to the experience of beach life.



Hotel Clover Patong Phuket embodies a perfect clash between fun, high-energy, and minimalist luxury, a message that Hotel Clover understood in unison with their brand. Known for its unique design concepts across Singapore – the brand’s Patong branched nailed the message “Simplicity in Luxury” by providing guests with a wonderful, well-rounded experience with its lush roof-top pool deck and bar ( BLU BAR) which overlooks the Patong skyline and serves exquisitely crafted cocktails while taking in the magnificent views of the Andaman Sea.

Being one of Singapore’s brand-name hotels, Hotel Clover stayed true to its roots while being authentically Thai with famous hospitality and its myriad of international dishes.

Since Thailand is known for its reputation as the gateway for travellers from all parts of the world, The Hotel group meets the demand by creating a unique set of accommodations that play a specific role and benefits the hotel’s overall reputation.

According to the hotel’s manager, Elaine, ” This branch seeks to provide a welcoming environment that resonates with how we treat our staff and guests.” Hotel Clover’s presence in one of Thailand’s busiest tourist destinations gives off the feeling of absolute comfort and luxury where ever you are with their overall brand message where “No one Does Happiness Like Them. ”

Article by: Cyan Leigh Dacasin | Images: Beatrice Stoian

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