Gabby Morrison On Lagoon, Her Gen Z Inspired Skin Care Line and Social Media

As each generation enters the doorway to adulthood, the usual prognosis is that most are still learning the building blocks of the world, and no path is similar to the other.

At 21 years old, multi-hyphenated talent Gabby Morrison achieved Gen Z fame in just a short span of time. With 3.7 M + followers under her belt, Gabby’s content is packaged in one word: authenticity.  Her trending videos on beauty tips,  travels, personal style, & funny, relatable day-in-the-life videos with her boyfriend and family make her all the more relatable to her growing audience.

Aside from that, Gabby’s work translated to collaborations that reach out to the world on a global scale.  Large brands such as Macy’s, The Farmers Dog, Function of Beauty, and GHD have reached out to her and this has led to fruitful success.

Now the 21-year-old added another title to her growing list of achievements. As the beauty industry becomes one of the most lucrative markets to enter, Gabby enters with Beaubble on a new sensitive skin and body care line called Lagoon, tailored for people who are suffering from a combination of sensitive skin and eczema.

British Thoughts catches up with the savvy digital maven’s approach to social media in this interview below.

Is Gabby Morrison different in her private life? Or are you trying to be as honest in your videos as possible?

 I am honestly the same in person! At first, I barely even spoke on my socials, so it was difficult to portray what I was like. Now I feel like if you went through my socials, you would know everything about me. 

Who is Gabby Morrison, and what were her beginnings? Tell us something about yourself.

  I am a performer at heart. I love to make people smile with my creativity or skill with things like dancing on stage to making silly relatable videos on social media! I’ve trained in technical dance since I was six years old, and by the time I was 15, I was dancing around 20 hours a week. 

You strongly focus on the importance of relationships: you often introduce your fans to your family or boyfriend. Why? 

 As I mentioned, I try to be as authentic as possible on my socials. I feel like a large portion of my life is my family, friends, and relationships.

What are the main topics of your videos? Are you planning to extend the horizons of your channels’ theme? 

The main topics of my videos are my everyday life and thoughts on camera. I share whatever interests me or whichever trends catch my eye. I love to share my passions, such as dance, beauty, hair, skincare, and travelling. 

What kind of viewer are you aiming to create the videos for? Is your content primarily for everyone, or only for people much more “interested” in popular culture etc.?

Different videos of mine appeal to a different “For You” page. Based on TikTok’s algorithm, the For You page will show you videos you really like. If I make hair videos, those will reach the hair side of TikTok, and the relationship content will reach people who enjoy that.


You are considered to be an actress, dancer and musician. But which of these activities is most pleasurable for you?

My heart speaks to dance. I’ve danced my whole life, and I genuinely enjoy it. I can’t help but smile when I think about it or see videos of others training in dance. 

And which one can be considered the one that broadens your horizons intellectually?

Acting is opening me up and broadening my perspectives on art and emotions. 

Which social media platform do you find the most approachable for you as a content creator?

The most approachable platform for me is TikTok. I’ve grown to be more photogenic, however I never felt like that was my strong suit. I love making video content, especially videos that are to the point. It enables me to make more videos more frequently and to post about anything that interests me.

Do you try to use your community (over 3.5 million followers on TikTok) to talk about your Jamaican and Trinidadian descent? Or have you not thought about the issues of the past yet?

Yes, I have shared with my community about my descent! I am very proud to be of Caribbean descent in America. I want to share with my community more about what it was like being raised by Caribbean parents in the future.

Are your plans mostly connected with the academic or more artistic path?

My plans are mostly connected with my artistic path. When I was younger, I didn’t think it would be possible to pursue my passions full-time, and I am so blessed to be able to continue following them. 

Do you believe that video or TikTok channels can be, today, considered to be as powerful sources as newspapers or magazines? 

Absolutely. Since these social media apps have such an engaged audience, I feel that they can be as powerful as newspapers and magazines.