Women In Media (WIM) Celebrates Fifth Annual Holiday Toast to Honor Influential Female Figures in the Entertainment Industry

For the fifth year running, Women In Media (WIM) will host its Annual Holiday Toast to honor a selection of influential female figures in the entertainment industry. This year’s event will be held at Television City, the iconic studio owned and operated by an affiliate of Hackman Capital Partners. The impressive list of honorees includes five remarkable women whose work has made an indelible mark on the film and television landscape: Grammy Award-winning songwriter/composer Diane Warren, Executive Producer/Writer/Director Deborah Pratt for shows such as NBC’s science fiction hit Quantum Leap and ABC’s hit drama Grey’s Anatomy; Costume Designer Deborah L. Scott whose impressive credits include major motion pictures such as Avatar, E.T., and Titanic (for which she won an Oscar); Supervising Sound Editor Becky Sullivan whose versatility includes projects such as The Woman King and Always Be My Maybe; and Cinematographer & Camera Operator Michelle Crenshaw, known for her work on Netflix series The Ranch and cult classic The Watermelon Woman.

(L-R: Deborah L. Scott, (Top) Becky Sullivan, Michelle Crenshaw)


The Annual Holiday Toast is one of WIM’s signature events which celebrates women in media with an evening that pays tribute to the groundbreaking achievements these women have accomplished throughout their careers. This year will mark the fifth Anniversary of this celebration, where attendees will have an opportunity to hear from these iconic figures about their outstanding body of work. Additionally, guests will have a chance to network with like-minded individuals whose passion for creating impactful content for both television and film represents a cornerstone of the entertainment industry.


The Annual Holiday Toast has become a beloved tradition within the industry that provides opportunities for networking while also uplifting each other through celebrating significant contributions made within our community. WIM is proud to honor these five extraordinary talents who are all doing inspiring work in their respective fields while continuing to push boundaries and make history along the way.

(Holiday Brunch 2018)

The Women in Media are proud to present an esteemed panel of guest toastmasters who will join the honorees and share their experiences of the changing landscape for women and gender-non-conforming individuals in the motion picture and entertainment industry.


Headlining the panel is Kimberly Jimenez, Senior Vice President of Post Production Services at Sony Entertainment. Johnny Simmons, an award-winning cinematographer and currently nominated for an Emmy for Family Reunion, and Romell Foster-Owens, Producer/Director/Writer and President of Jowharah Films. Completing the panel is Sharon Farber, an award-winning composer known for her scores in Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power and The Young and the Restless.


These four toastmasters bring a wealth of knowledge to this topic that covers both personal journeys within the industry as well as how far progress has come or yet to go when it comes to full inclusion on all fronts – from directors to crew members, executives to musicians. Throughout this discussion, there will be moments where each individual’s contributions can be highlighted as they tell stories of their successes as well as any obstacles they faced while ascending their particular career paths. Additionally, guests from various stages in their careers can draw inspiration from these professionals’ stories and find ways to apply what they learn toward achieving their own career goals.


(L-R: Diane Warren, Deborah Pratt)

The event will conclude with a Q&A session that allows guests to ask questions about this rapidly evolving landscape for women in entertainment. It’s sure to be an insightful evening filled with powerful stories that inspire and motivate attendees.


“I am honored to be recognized by Women In Media,” says Diane Warren, who became the first songwriter ever voted to receive an Honorary Academy Award by the Academy’s Board of Governors. Her portfolio includes dozens of popular and rock hits, 13 past Academy Award nominations, as well as the song, Applause in Tell it Like a Woman, which is eligible this year. Warren adds, “I am a strong advocate for women, and this organization has been instrumental in recognizing women’s important contributions in the industry. And I’d like to give some applause to my fellow honorees.”

(Q&A Session, WiM Holiday Brunch 2018)


Women In Media is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support, education, and advocacy to women working in the film and entertainment industries. They are committed to creating an environment that celebrates diversity and promotes equitable representation of genders both onscreen and behind the scenes. This activity is made possible through generous sponsor participation. An essential partner, Zach Sokoloff, Senior Vice President at Hackman Capital Partners, says, “Organizations like WiM provide invaluable opportunities for women and gender non-conforming individuals to obtain the skills necessary to become part of the next generation of production talent that will help create a more inclusive entertainment industry and reaffirm Los Angeles’ position as the creative capital of the world. This is not only a win for our region’s economy – creating new jobs and keeping production and people in LA – but also a win for diversifying our City’s most identifiable industry and allowing new storytellers with new perspectives to leave their mark on Hollywood.”

(Holiday Brunch 2018)


Other partners such as Film Craft La Greenberg Klusker and others have lent their participation for the upcoming event. At the same time, media sponsor Gurus Magazine will be taking the helm on its worldwide coverage. Derek Warburton, Publisher of Gurus Magazine, said, “Truth, passion, and authenticity encapsulate the spirit of Gurus Magazine, and we are honoured to join Women in Media in celebrating the special group of women being honoured for their contributions to our industry and artistic culture. Congratulations on your long, illustrious careers, but even more importantly, for being visionary storytellers. We honour you!”


The WiM Holiday Toast includes a generous brunch buffet, silent auction, panel with candid conversation, and a champagne toast. All genders are encouraged to be part of the Holiday Toast celebration. Festivities run from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday, December 10, at Television City, 7800 Beverly Blvd., Studio 46. Individual tickets, tables, and sponsorships are available from: https://womennmedia.com/event/2022-la-holiday-toast/.

Written by Ley Calisang

Photo Credit: Ashley Covington (Women In Media)

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