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One woman powerhouse, Isadora Ortega is executive producing and starring in the new film ‘Golden Flower’ as its leading actress. She previously starred in shows such as “Laff Mob”, “The Curse of the Flower”, and “Another Love Story”. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Isadora moved to the United States and established a name for herself in New York City while studying acting, voice-over performance, and body movement. That was when Isadora made the move to Hollywood, where she maintained an extremely successful career. Isadora Ortega is the epitome of creating your own lane and thriving in it!

You are indeed a triple threat with an inspiring success story! Can you share with us a little bit about how you journeyed from having a dream, to where you are now?

Golden Flower is based on my graphic novel ‘Curse of the Flower’. Before that, it was the beginning of a feature film and I did not have the budget for a feature film of that magnitude so I turned it into a graphic novel the graphic novel is available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble in English and Spanish. My point with this, dreams require work and no work behind your goals means that you will stay in the same place.

The journey that I believe God put in me and what I am passionate about it’s not an easy one but it’s what drives me. Is my passion is what I love to do and that Light the fire in me every day so I can keep pushing my career and the projects forward. so dream the dream and do the work to feed the dream.

Isadora Ortega

 From where do you pull your inspiration for your projects?

Life is my greatest inspiration. In my personal opinion creating from actual events or people is so rich and also creating the world that you would like to see in real life is so empowering.

What was it like journeying from New York to Los Angeles after successfully making a name for yourself? Did you encounter any obstacles or situations that made you want to return to New York?

Being away from family and everything that you know is always going to be challenging. Starting in a new place and finding your way around is always going to be scary. But honestly, what I missed the most is my family. I’m sick there’s someone there if I am, you know, fellowship having someone to full back on.

What was it like filming in an indigenous place, portraying indigenous characters?

Playing the role of Anacaona was just very empowering I felt like I was representing a big part of our culture you know who we were as people before our islands got colonized. It was just such an honour to be able to play such an iconic person of history such an empowering woman, such a powerful woman. She was a warrior.

Being able to speak the Taino language was scary, and it was such an honour. Taino language is a language that has never been told in complete sentences for years and years. A language that we have never heard on film so to be able to do that to emerge me to learn this language to bring her to life and get the language to life as it was humbling.

Are there any aspects of the film that you feel you resonate with? If so, why or why not?

This concept was born in my mind, so the entire film is from my point of view of what if I could what would I do if I was Anacoana and I had the chance to get the revenge, you know? The film deals with your pain, and when we have so much pain, the way that we approach life and we see things are different.

You will realize that Anacaona moves from a place of pain in Ana to a place of hope and love, but that’s because she has never experienced the pain that Anacaona has. You can walk in somebody’s shoes until you walk in them, you know what I mean.

Isadora Ortega

How did you prepare for the role of Golden Flower?

I watched a lot of movies with indigenous people in them. I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones, so I watch many of their episodes with Khaleesi and the Dothraki people to hear the tone of their voice and Pace.

Their posture, how they move, how they walk, it was very important for me to just try to have at least a reference or example of tone and movement. I study the relationship between the lion and the lioness. It took a lot of repetition and memorization for the language just because it didn’t sound like English or Spanish. But one day, I think it was around Week 2, I felt it in my body and my emotions they were very much connected to me.

 What was it like switching back and forth through different periods for the film? Was there anything about doing so that challenged you in any way?

I think the language was the most challenging part just because I was speaking three different languages Spanish, Taino, and English. Character-wise, it wasn’t difficult because we shot all the period scenes in Puerto Rico at the same time, and then we went to LA, and we shot most of the present-time scenes except for one. The characters are extremely different, so it’s not like they bleed into each other they’re different, so that made it easier to like to tap into each role.

How do you manage to be an actress, writer, and producer? What is your “glue” that holds you together while wearing multiple hats?

 What aspects of filming Golden Flower would you say were your favourite? Did you enjoy filming in Puerto Rico?

I loved filming in Puerto Rico, honestly filming, the period scenes in the film were my favourite ones being able to speak the language to go through the transformation To play Anacaona. Walking through the village was very special. Those are my favourite parts. I love period pieces, so that was a fantastic feeling.

You’re a woman of extraordinary talents. What can we expect to see next from you?

First of all, thank you so much. That means a lot to me. Our plan is to bring awareness to ‘Golden Flower’ and go into production for a feature film we have a spin-off, and we have the legend of Anacaona. We have so much more in store for these two characters, and we’re just very excited to share it with the world and tell her story on a very large platform and hopefully educate and entertain.

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