He’ll Make You Laugh, But You Are Going to See Him Too! Tony Talks Discusses the LGBTQ+ Community, Visibility, and Shares Uplifting Words

Tony Talks

In this light but much needed conversation with world-renowned comedic phenomenon Tony Talks, we discuss the importance of feeling seen, heard, and ultimately validated. As a member of the ever present LGBTQ+ community, Antonio “Tony Talks” Baldwin feels it’s extremely necessary to shed light on those of his community, continue to represent himself as a safe space for them, as well as be a positive role model. Everyone deserves an open space in this world, as we all have one. However, not everyone is as accepting, and it’s time we change that! Join us, as we uplift, encourage, praise, highlight, and ultimately support the LGBTQ+ community! As Tony Talks always emphasizes, “You belong in any room!”.

As someone that’s a representative of such a massive community, what is something you wish the world understood specifically about your community?

That my community is NO different from any other. We are truly founded on love and no amount of hate can push us away.

If you had one minute to make a huge defining statement regarding the community, what would you say?

I am so proud of the audience that I have, and with that being said, I always want to take time to support us in a positive light. I would simply say that we are love, we fight for love, and we live
through love.

What do you say to yourself when you wake up in the morning, if anything, that keeps you grounded in being who you are?

Before I start my day, I always thank God that I’m here! Then, I try to find a few things that I’m grateful for before proceeding with my morning routine!

What do you think the LGBTQ+ community needs more of, in terms of representation in spaces?

I believe the LGBTQ+ community needs to be significantly more and better represented in spaces and when we are shown, be free of stereotypes. Be shown in a light of different colors, sizes, and
backgrounds to show that we thrive in any situation!

Do you feel that with your ever-growing platform, you’re able to provide a safe-haven for members of the LGBTQ+ community?

I absolutely feel that with my platform I’m providing a safe-haven, however I never want to limit my audiences. My overall goal and intention is solely to provide content that I am proud of that will show others that it’s perfectly fine to be authentically you. Within that journey, I have of course provided a safe place for members of my community, but it is not limited us.

You have such a positive light that seems to have such a massive gravitational pull, as well as many others within the community. What do you think creates this light within the community? How do you keep yours shining?

This community is founded on love. Love for others and for yourself! You develop this light within yourself when you live within that foundation. As long as I’m alive, my light will shine, even in times I don’t see it. My light stays on because I do it for me! It’s a gift from me to me.

If there was any type of advice you could give to someone that was not fully comfortable living their lives out loud in the community yet, what words would you offer them?

If I knew someone was struggling with acceptance, I would recommend to take their time and if you are reading this, then I’m talking to you! Know the world is waiting for you on the other side
of acceptance and it has everything you’ve dreamed of! It’s scary, but all the best things in life are until you conquer them!

What kind of advice would you offer someone that may be facing opposition in any shape or form, due to their decision to live their life out loud within the LGBTQ+ community?

There’s too much love in the world to surround yourself with hate. You belong in any room you step in. Living out loud is a LIFE LONG journey, not just a trip to your local market!

As a representative of the LGBTQ+ community, what do you want your ultimate impact to be? How do you wish to be remembered by those within the community, and those watching from the outside?

I always want to be the example to show what embracing who you are can do for you, in and outside the community! Everyone has a little bit of different in them, and I would love to be the
reason people feel comfortable expressing that!

How do you maintain your authenticity throughout different spaces? What words of encouragement could you offer to someone looking up to you, that doesn’t quite know how to boldly walk in who they are at all times, in all spaces?

If someone is struggling with being able to walk in who they truly may be, I would let them know that I understand. This journey for myself hasn’t necessarily been easy for me in the past. I’ve had
my rough days when I’ve questioned my confidence, but anytime I need a boost and reminder, I remember that I belong in any room I step in, even if I wasn’t invited!


Written by: Ashley Lambert 

Image credit: Paris Steward |Tall Tower Studios