“Wanderlust and Wonder: Kearran Giovanni Unveils Her Travel Tales, the Thrills of Her New Role in Walker, and the Joy of Embracing Life!”

As the saying goes, ‘Work hard to enjoy the fruits of your labour.’ at 41, actress Kearran Giovanni has seen and experienced life in different ways – As a mother, style icon, and performer. For years, her love of acting grew and eventually catapulted her into joining widely regarded programmes such as Major Crimes, The Rookie, and Walker.

Kearran came from a small town outside Lafayette, LA. She started taking gymnastics and dance. Little did she know that acting would become her bread and butter. Nowadays, the actress finds her joie de vivre through travel and food, embracing another phase in her life. 

For Kearran, she attributes her success to nourishing her life through the mind, body and spirit. While she may be busy on-screen executing her thespian prowess for millions of viewers worldwide, she ensures she takes time for herself, one day at a time.

British Thoughts sat down and chatted with the actress as she dishes on her latest project, Walker, and her travels. 


So lovely to meet you. You have attributed your success to nourishing your mind-body-spirit. What is your ritual like for a perfect relaxing day?

I know that my mind is at ease after I work out…even if I’m not in the mood. Weekends are when I can most recharge and get exactly what I need.  So, my day is work out, head to something outdoors with my family. Farmers market…event…a walk. Lastly, cooking. It relaxes me and I really enjoy my kitchen.

Most profound learning experience you have had in your years as an actress?

I don’t think there is one event that shapes any career or person completely. It is all of the steps along the way that I have learned from…grown from…continue to absorb from. The old adage is true…work hard and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You are best known for your role as Amy Sykes in Major Crimes. Do you think you and your character had similar personality traits? What was the most difficult challenge you had in portraying her?

I would say that yes, in the beginning, Amy and I were alike in that we were rookies on and off screen. It was my first series regular role and with the group that had already been together for 7 years! It was Amy’s first time in a murder room with everyone as well. I think we both grew up. We grew more confident in our abilities and was an equal in due time.

Now that you’re in Walker, what was the creative process like working with Jared Padalecki and re-imagining the storyline of the Texas Ranger?

I absolutely love working on Walker. It’s such a delicious group. I knew Odette (Anabelle) going into it so that made things feel even better. We are really allowed to play with words and blocking on this set. It’s very much about feeling each scene and making that the most natural as possible… even if that means improvising a bit. So nice to have that freedom.

Do you have a dream role that you would love to play in the future?

Oh gosh, well I don’t think it’s written yet…I would love to work with Aaron Sorkin and really dive into some meaty writing and drama!

As an avid traveler, you have witnessed the beauty of other cultures, would there be some cultural aspects from your travels that you would love to see being produced into a film or series?

The most eye-opening traveling I’ve done so far is within southeast Asia. I’ve spent time in Jakarta, Bali, Bangkok and Singapore. I was in my late teens/early 20’s. The landscape is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.  The food had flavors I had never tasted! I had never seen such a different culture from ours…but also, we’re similar. Love of family. Love of friends. Love of your country. Our core is the same.


Do you have new projects down the line that you can tell fans about?

I’m am anxiously awaiting season 4 of Walker to start production. We are all waiting for the writers’ strike to come to an agreement and get us all back to work. Until then I’ll be putting up some fun cooking videos on my upcoming YouTube channel “Kearran’s Kitchen.”

Lastly, advice on how to succeed in the industry? Especially now?                

Get out there. Get out and meet people. Go to readings. Go to screenings. Take classes. Meeting people with similar interests who are making amazing TV and film is worth its weight in gold. Just remember, they are looking for your talent just as much as you are looking for them.



Photographer: Ben Cope
Stylist: Jordan Grossman
Hair: Diane Dusting
Makeup: Liz Briseno
Interview and Article by: Cyan Leigh Dacasin