Artist Spotlight: Jessica Carter Altman is taking the music industry by storm

Image by: Sophia Matinazad

Jessica Carter Altman, a multi-talented musician and storyteller, is once again captivating audiences with her latest single, “Pieces.” Following the success of her 2022 EP, “For You,” Jessica’s new song marks the beginning of her debut album, scheduled for release in Fall 2023. Collaborating with seasoned professionals, she aims to blend her signature lyricism with fresh sonic elements, crafting a soundscape that is both familiar and exhilarating for her listeners.

In “Pieces,” Jessica beautifully portrays her journey of resilience, piecing together fragments of her life after experiencing loss. The song embodies emotional depth woven into elaborate production, reflecting her profound desire to inspire and instill hope in those facing challenging times.

British Thoughts had the pleasure of catching up with Jessica to talk all things music:

Image by: Max Botticelli

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your new single “Pieces”? What does the song mean to you personally?

Jessica Carter Altman: “Pieces” is a dance anthem to help people feel motivated and optimistic when they’re feeling hopeless. I wanted to write a song that would inspire someone to keep going after missteps and struggles.

How would you describe the overall sound and style of “Pieces”? Does it represent a specific genre or is it a blend of different influences?

JCA: The overall sound and style of “Pieces” is ‘80s synth pop. It’s a blend of different influences.

Did you write “Pieces” yourself, or did you collaborate with other songwriters? What was the creative process like for this particular song?

JCA: I worked with Jason Lehning and Latifah Alattas on “Pieces.” We wrote “Pieces” on the first day of a writing retreat. I came into the retreat with the title “Pieces” and a few lines for the chorus. I knew immediately I wanted it to be an anthemic pop song. We simultaneously wrote it and created the track and treatment for it.

Image by: Max Botticelli

As an artist, how do you approach the challenge of balancing personal expression with creating music that resonates with your audience?

JCA: I think audiences resonate with music that tends to provide escapism or allows them to reflect on their own life experiences. As an artist I try to achieve that balance – writing something that is authentic, descriptive, and still universal.

What message or emotion do you hope listeners will take away from “Pieces”?

JCA: I hope the song makes people feel good and allows them to escape. I hope it makes listeners realize that they have the power to pick up the pieces of whatever is going on in their lives and move forward toward something better.

Can you share any interesting or memorable stories from the recording studio or while working on “Pieces”?

JCA: One of the most memorable moments was on the day we shot the “Pieces” music video.  When I arrived at the studio in Brooklyn, among all the neon lights on set was a puzzle with “Pieces” written on it that the director, Colt Morton, had made. A great surprise to start the day.

Image by: Max Botticelli

How has your musical journey evolved since your last release? Are there any new themes or experiences you’re exploring in your music now?

JCA: I have been working on themes that explore the idea of what happens in the aftermath of a life-altering event. My last EP “For You” was a more emotional and sentimental perspective. This next chapter gives much more color and grit to the concept.

What are some of the most rewarding aspects of being a musician, and what are some of the challenges you’ve faced in your career?

JCA: The relationships I am able to build with other people is the most rewarding aspect of being a musician. Being able to meet and work with so many talented musicians and writers is always a humbling and incredible experience. Meeting fans after my shows and hearing how they’ve resonated with the music is awe-inspiring. There is really no better feeling.

Are there any particular artists or bands that have influenced your musical style and approach?

JCA: Absolutely! It changes constantly but right now I have been enjoying The Strike, Griff, LANY, and Arizona.

Beyond “Pieces,” do you have any other exciting projects or collaborations in the works that you’d like to share with your fans?

JCA: I have my next single “Naive” coming out in early September followed by my full EP.  I am putting the finishing touches on it as we speak and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Image by: Max Botticelli

You recently performed at The DROM NYC and are going on tour in September, can you describe the feeling of performing “Pieces” live in front of an audience compared to recording it in the studio?

JCA: The first time I performed Pieces live was at the last show of my residency at the Rockwood in New York. We had been recording the song in the studio and I was eager to try it on stage.

In the recording studio you can be creative and bold and play around with phrasing and dynamics but there is nothing like being in front of a crowd and seeing people’s faces while you play. It was a last minute add to the set but after the show I kept getting DMs asking when “Pieces” was going to come out. It was a big reason why I decided to make “Pieces” the next release.

What’s next for Jessica Carter Altman? Are there any long-term goals or dreams you’re working towards in your music career?

JCA: More music! I have two EPs and an album set to be released over the next few months and am planning a tour this fall starting in California. I’m definitely a dreamer and am enjoying the ride – excited to keep growing as an artist and a musician.

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