From Holland’s Next Top Model to Imperial Councillor in the New Dune – Part Two, Cecile Sinclair

Cecile Sinclair, the versatile Dutch-British actress, continues to captivate audiences with her compelling performances on both the big and small screens. Best known for her roles in the popular hit AppleTV+ show “Ted Lasso” and her captivating short film work, Sinclair made her mark in the spotlight from a different height – as the winner of “Holland’s Next Top Model.”

Her latest endeavor finds her stepping into the esteemed role of an Imperial Councillor in the highly anticipated sequel, “Dune: Part Two.” With her talent and dedication, Sinclair is sure to leave a lasting impression in this iconic franchise.

Reflecting on her time on the set of Dune – Part Two, Sinclair reveals: “My favorite memory on set was probably one of the fastest days, where I arrived on set and there were not one, not two, not three, not four… but at least ten amazing A-listers, and I got to watch them all work. It was amazing!” – she confesses.

Collaboration is at the heart of Sinclair’s creative process. Together with her friend and fellow artist, Rebecca Wilson, she co-produced a film currently in its final stages of post-production. This commitment to collaboration extends to her own writing endeavors, as she embarks on a new short film project.

Photographer: Zainea Alex
Photo Assist: Alex Coman
Hair & Mua: Viorela Coman
Styling: Laura Parkes
PR: Jade East 

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